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Ämne: Chipwrecked (23-26 augusti på Bornholm)

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    Chipwrecked (23-26 augusti på Bornholm)

    Tänkte tipsa om chip-musik festivalen Chipwrecked om två veckor på Bornholm

    Kommer finnas openstage för den som vill blippa lite

    Från facebook:

    WORKSHOPS (apply at festival)
    Friday. Defense Mechanism: Advanced LSDJ technique
    Saturday. 3D63: LSDJ basics (women only)
    Sunday. DJ Diskmachine: Little piggy tracker

    Lineup is currently full but if you want to play a few tunes there will be an open stage as well as the possibility of getting a slot if someone cancels last minute.

    Looking for volunteers (cooking, bar, sound technicians and general setting up). Please check how much time and money it costs to get here before you say you´re coming. Join the volunteer group here:

    Bornholm might look really remote, but it is not that hard or expensive to get here. It takes about 3½ hours to go from Copenhagen central station or airport to the festival.

    From Copenhagen, Bus 866 to Rönne (46€ round trip)
    From Ystad (Southern Sweden), ferry (16€ round trip)
    From Sassnitz (Northern Germany), ferry (64€ round trip)

    If you are going by car, you take the same ferry, and you pay per car regardless of how many people you cram into it so try to find someone going on the same date.

    Car from Ystad (84€ round trip)
    Car from Sassnitz (320€ round trip)

    Regardless if you go by foot or by car, book the bus or ferry at

    If you're coming from the east, there is a ferry from Poland as well.

    You can also fly from Copenhagen and a few other places in Denmark, check out

    Once you are in Rönne or the airport, take bus 3 towards Svaneke. Tell the driver you want to get of at Vietsvej, right before Østerlars. Then there is about a ten minute walk, follow the signs. THE ONLY WAY TO PAY THE BUS IS WITH DANISH CASH. If you don´t have any when you get to Rönne, there are ATMs in the city but you might need to wait for the next bus then. The last 3 leaves at 22.05. If you for some reason miss that, bus 5 goes later and will get you here as well, but takes longer and costs more so don´t take it unless you have to. If you plan on arriving after sundown, bring a flashlight otherwise you will get lost and die.

    For more detailed information and discussions about carpooling, join the chatroom:

    Local organic beer and home made wine will be sold in pint glasses for about 3€ . Food will be available three times daily for about 6€ , and night fries for 3€ if we can find someone to man the fryer

    Jonas Morreel of Bitgrid was so kind to make a playlist of some of the Chipwrecked 2017 shows. Hopefully 2018 will look and sound even better.

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    Låter ju riktigt trevligt. O tror att de frivilliga de söker efter kan få det riktigt trevligt

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    "If you plan on arriving after sundown, bring a flashlight otherwise you will get lost and die."
    Låter toppen förutom det, glöm inte ficklampan!

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    Jæklar vad skönt!
    Man kan ju i alla fall vara helt säker på att det bara är likasinnade där..

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    Ses där!

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    Är det samtidigt som eller precis efter Bornhack?

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