am popoli at fylkingen : a night of chattering bodies telling you this

Live :
Sweat Tongue
Natalie Wearden
i m i
Max Park

DJ : Peter Larsson
Entrance fee : 80kr cards only.
Sweat Tongue :
Four piece suit rotating over one another, spinning fans, scissor, good diet, yarning, rumbling drums, mumbling bass, guitar can't finish sentence.....
this is in between music and performance - it's primal.
it is raw and real. no wave.
Natalie Wearden :
Watery and fluid, quiet and euphoric, melancholy
and mourns something
A story of a body between places, a ritual for a fluid body in concrete spaces

Natalie Wearden is a genderqueer performance artist working between Helsinki and London. They are interested in queer intimacies and ways of being okay alone.
They have shown both collaborative and solo works extensively across the UK and Finland, as well as internationally, including at The Royal Academy in London.
i m i :
There is an ongoing invasion
you might not know that you are part of it
since long lost is the hope that we might win
this invasion is multiplied with the number of incidents
occurring at every moment
Bodies into a room like sperm to an egg
Heat on snow, Humor in crisis
Conversation in silence, Freedom in bondage
Like music in to the ear
incidentally at a given moment we can be
in a space, a soundtrack is being relayed.
Max Park :
jag hade slagit in dom frystorkade pionerna på elegantast möjliga vis. försett paketet med en snyggt knuten (enligt mig ribbing-kvalitet) rosett och använt mig av det silkeslenaste pappret jag kunnat hitta. jag skeppade ut paketet utan vare sig mottagare eller avsändare. jag valde att skicka det rekommenderat (man vet aldrig med postnord). nu får vi se. det är kanske inte så noga.

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i m i - 20.45
Natalie WeaEden - 21.45
Max Park - 22.45
Sweat Tongue - 23.45