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Ämne: Lovecraft på svenska

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    Mr Fox
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    Det är nån sorts mindre Lovecraft-festival i Stockholm den 3:e november....har arrangerats innan vet jag....inte varit själv men verkar trevligt.

    Saxar från facebook event:

    Rumours about the untimely demise of The Stockholm H. P. Lovecraft Festival are greatly exaggerated. The will to celebrate the life and work of the supreme doyen of the horror field is strong enough to overcome death and organizational hurdles. With last year’s successful edition fresh in our memory me and Henrik Möller decided to forge ahead with yet another afternoon (stretching into the evening) in early November devoted to the Providence master.

    The programme is a work in progress but at this juncture includes the short subject “Hypnos” (Juho Aittainen, 2016) and the feature They Remain (Philipp Gelatt, 2018). We will also have the honour of welcoming director Ludvig Gür and actor Kola Krauze who will tell us about their Lovecraft adaptation “The Outsider”, shot in the Stockholm area this summer.

    After we wrap up the film screenings and discussions at Serieteket (around 7 pm) those interested can reconvene at the pub Queen's Head, Drottninggatan 108, for something to eat and drink. We also have a Lovecraft quiz ready to be unleashed if enough people are interested. If you feel like testing your mettle please drop a line to and register for the quiz!

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a free event. Everyone interested in the life and work of H. P. Lovecraft or weird fiction and culture in general is most welcome to attend an afternoon to be remembered!

    More details to come, please watch this space and for updates!

    Anders Lundgren, director The Stockholm H. P. Lovecraft Festival.

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    Nu är inte det här på svenska, men jag skulle ändå vilja påstå att det är relevant:

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