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2004-01-01, 19:23
Då och då blir jag slagen av hur nördiga sidor ni synthnissar lyckas hitta/skapa. Dock så har ni inte en chans mot denna:


Listan på de instrument sonic youth använt genom åren (bl.a. 22 Jazzmasters).
Där presenteras en bild samt vilken stämning(!!!) gitarren haft respektive år.
Och vi snackar runt hundra gitarrer.

Jag ger er ett exempel:

Used by Lee: 1987-1999

1987 -- DDDDAA (Schizophrenia, Catholic Block, Tuff Gnarl)
1990 -- F#F#F#F#EB (Kool Thing) & DDDDAA (Catholic Block)
1991 -- DDDDAA (Schizophrenia)
1992 -- AF#EF#EB (Shoot)
1993 -- GGDDEbEb (Cotton Crown, Stereo Sanctity, Flower)
1995? -- GGDDGG (Teenage Riot) & GGDDFF (Mote) ???
1998 -- GGDGGA (Female Mechanic Now On Duty) & GGDAGA# (Karen Koltrane) & GGDAGA (spare/reserve)
1999 -- GGDGGA (Female Mechanic Now On Duty) & GGDAGA# (Karen Koltrane)

One of the most distinct, recognizable guitars in Sonic Youth history. This very bare wood Jaguar had numerous different pick-up configurations throughout its use by Lee, and its body was throughly scratched and layered with duct tape. HOWEVER! As I'd suspected for a while, this guitar was cleaned up in the late '90s, w/ a tortoise shell pickguard added and the pickups replaced with Tele Deluxe pickups (which would make this a Jagblaster?!). It was seen like this in 1998 and 1999 (the bottom 4 pictures). I'd previously thought this cleaned up version was the same guitar used here, a wood Jaguar used by Thurston in the mid-80s, but a new photograph clearly depicting the stickers on this old Jaguar, which match with the '98 pictures, confirm that it is actually this guitar. If that makes any sense! It was stolen in July 1999.
Stripped wood finish, very beaten up
Serial # -- 125720
1987 - humbucker in bridge, single coil in neck
1990 - humbucker (probably a DiMarzio Super Distortion) in neck, nothing in bridge
1998 - 2 telecaster deluxe humbuckers
Rosewood fretboard
All switches/knobs removed
Trem bar
Circular red sticker
Oval sticker
Covered in duct tape
After late 90's cleanup: 1 toggle switch replacing 3 switches, 2 knobs, tortoise shell pickguard.
Used by Lee in "Bull in the Heather" video
Listed as "OLD" on '95/'98/'99 set lists.

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